Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota
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Current Issue: Winter 2014

Fall 2014 and Winter Outings Calendar

May 2014 with Summer Outings Calendar

February/March 2014

Winter 2013

Fall 2013 and Winter Outings Calendar

Fall 2012 and Fall Outings

Spring 2012

Winter 2011-2012 Newsletter & Outlings Calendar

Fall 2011 Newsletter & Outings Calendar

Spring 2011 newsletter & Outings Insert

October 2010 newsletter 2010 & Outings Insert

April 2010

September 2009

May 2009

Newsletter Schedule and Themes
(Late) September issue: Announce club annual meeting, fall trail clearing events, other fall events, Summer Outings reports/articles
Deadline for Submissions: Sept. 1
(Late) November issue: Winter Outings schedule, MN Ski Pass info, Letter from President, Graystone and Candlelight Ski announcements, entry forms
Deadline for Submissions: Nov. 15
(Late) January issue: Banquet RSVP form, Reports on Graystone and Candlelight Ski events
Deadline for Submissions: Jan. 15
(Early) April issue: Banquet report, Winter Outings reports, Summer Outings schedule
Deadline for Submissions: March 15
Possible February/March issue: Coaches Corner, race results/articles, new materials, etc.
Deadline for Submissions: to be determined

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