Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota
Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting date - October 9, 2007
Location: University Lutheran Church - 4th ave St. Cloud
Board members present: John Muldowney, Carl Bublitz, John Harlander, Bill Gorcica

Attendance was great - sign up for membership and outings before and after.
Business as follows
1. Nominations for expired board member terms Diane Bouffard and Bob Skow. John Harlendar and Bill Gorcica volunteered and unanimously elected as board members. There were no nominations for president and it is open.
2. Bill requested members send him photos of club events for the newsletter.
3. John Sieler presented the treasury report and finances are in good shape. Thanks to John for keeping the finances for the club. He continues to serve but wishes to resign - Position is open. An added note - thanks to Tolly Vollen for heading up the Grant in aid for Graystone and Charlie Maturnes for maintaining Wild Wood.
4. Joe Teff presented plans for snow making at Riverside this season., an ambitious plan. Stay tuned.
5. Outings committee - Steve Zinsli presented the 2 outings planned for the season (Denord and Heartland) and the moonlight ski at Quarry Park was discussed. The outings were decreased this year because the hikes were not atteneded well. Snow will prompt impromptu week-end outings. A monthly outing or meeting for coffee discussed/possible.
6. Pete Theismann requested we sign up for ski-patrol at county parks again this season, a sign up sheet was circulated. Contact Stearns County Parks any time to sign up. Quarry Park pass for your time and effort.
7. Phil Rogoscheske - Commented on the successful mountain bike race at Riverside - A good time and financial boost as well.
8. Phil Rogoscheske - Grooming equipment operations expected be good for the season.
9. Tolly Vollen gave an update on MNSA - Minnesota Nordic ski assoc. - Tolly is Treasurer and Dave Johnson is VP. Ed Bouffard is charter member. The organization is a 501 3c. They promote and work cross country skiing at the state level.
10. Bill Gorcica volunteered to finish the Web sight this year. As of mid Nov. Bill needs approval for the cost of the web sight. Jeff Koshiol will send an e-amil to board members.
11. Jeff thanks all for their help in maintaining the club in the past year. We need a big snow year.

Any additions or corrections - please copy all.
Recorded by Jeff K.